"What does the FOX say?"    

Fox Market Place is a seasoned promotional and marketing company.  Our CEO Jeffrey Neil Fox has over 40 years of marketing, publishing, printing, and advertising expertise.  We show our clients effective and prudent ways to market their enterprise. 

Our mission is to help our clients with client retention. Get your current clients and customers to remain active, spend more money with you and refer others  and give glowing testimonials about your business, enterprise or service.  We show you how to rejueventate clients that are no longer active.  It is instrumental to the success of all companies  that you have a preverbial pipeline of new customers.  We have the answers. 


Call us today for an analaysis of where your company is now with their promotional and marketing plans. Let us show you how to boost your revenue and enjoy robust sales.


         Discover the POWER of FOX Marketing.